It's the get-ahead sport.


Imagine if tennis, racquetball, and handball had a baby... that's squash. The sport dates back to the early 19th century in England. The first court was built at the Harrow School.

Rated the #1 healthiest sport by Forbes Magazine in 2017, playing squash sharpens one’s athletic abilities and encourages mental toughness. Furthermore, squash has deep ties to some of the best universities in the country (e.g. Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc.) and is often considered a “get-ahead” sport, one that opens doors & creates opportunities. 

Our students have little-to-no squash training or knowledge of the sport when they first step on our courts, but that's what we're here for.

We provide the training. 
We provide the gear. 
We provide the expertise.

In turn, we produce some top-notch squash players who compete locally and nationally in tournaments, with the ultimate goal (or hope) being a squash scholarship in college. 

Fun fact: Over 20 million people play squash in over 188 countries. In Cincinnati, there are eight facilities with squash courts: Cincinnati Squash Academy, Cincinnati Country Club, The Tee Squash Center, University Club, YMCA (OTR), University of Cincinnati, University Club, Lifetime Fitness (Mason), and Cincinnati Sports Club. 

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