Our Program

Welcome to “Our Program” page. Here you can find each link will describe some of the many assets of our urban squash program. Here we focus on two major components of Cincinnati Squash Academy, squash and academics. These are the cornerstones of all urban squash programs. Each year, student-athletes enrolled in our program must complete 100+ hours on the courts and in our learning center. In all actuality, most of our cohort will complete closer to 300-4oo hours per year. Check out the different facets of our program.


Selection Process

Looking at the whole child and recruiting hardworking, enthusiastic students


Enrollment & Commitment

Serving 5th Graders through College Graduation.


Metrics & Accomplishments

Measuring success on the squash courts and in our learning center.


Academic Partners

Cincinnati Squash Academy is partnering with several schools in or near Over the Rhine. To be eligible to be a partner school, a minimum of 70 percent of the student body must qualify for the federal free lunch program.


Squash & Competition

The sport of squash is the hook that urban squash programs like CSA use to keep our kids coming back to our program. Students will play squash at least three times a week, learning the etiquette, rules, and strategy of the #1 healthiest sport as rated by Forbes Magazine.


Community Partners

We also partner with numerous community partners both in the Greater Cincinnati Area and beyond. Through our community partners, we are able to offer our students a wide array of unique community service and cultural exposure outings! Each student is required to complete at least 10 hours of community service each year through our program to remain enrolled.



Intensive, Year-round Commitment.


High School Placement

Making the best match possible.


College Placement

Our #1 goal is placing student-athletes “to and through” college.