Welcome to CSA’s Gallery! We will upload many of the fun and wonderful pictures taken during specific events not featured in our major articles, web pages, newsletters, or supporter blasts. Check out all the fun CSA has both behind the scenes and during our varied trips, practices, and events! Click on any single photo to enlarge it on your page to get a closer look.


T Squash Academy’s Halloween Bronze Tournament

Halloween Bronze Neal Group Pic 1 Halloween Bronze Mike White RacquetUp 3QRT Halloween Bronze Vir Schiff Kiylah Halloween Bronze White Shot
Halloween Bronze Donovan Air Shot Halloween Bronze Cevie vs Turnbolt Halloween Bronze Cevie and Turnbolt
Halloween Bronze Diairra Airborne Kiylah grounded Halloween Bronze Donovan Whyte2 Halloween Bronze Cevie and Donovan
Halloween Bronze Jumba T Halloween Bronze Laura and GU11 group Halloween Bronze funny Cevie Mike Kiylah Halloween Bronze Cevie Donovan serve
Halloween Bronze Racquet up at CSA Halloween Bronze Kiylah and opponent racquet spin Halloween Bronze 3 quarter court racquetup Halloween Bronze Diarria Jumba Family


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Collection of Assorted Pictures Part IV

Random Group Photo Frown 1 Academic Classroom Coloring Random Hays Porter Walkers
Squash Edie Backhand Rail Random Group Random 1 Squash Madison Drop II
Squash Tylia Drop Squash Payton Forehand Squash Lidya Drop
Squash Warm Ups Run Squash Pose All Stars Squash Payton Rail


Volunteer Collection Part II

Volunteer Rhoda Brooks Excellence Award Volunteer Aaron and Jumba Academics Rhoda UK Presentation I
Squash Full Court Coaching Volunteers Shug and Jake Squash Dancing Aaron and Austin Squash Diairra Dropping with Igor



T Squash Scrimmage @ T Squash Academy’s Facilities

T Squash Scrimmage Line Up III T Squash Scrimmage Whole Group End 2
T Squash Scrimmage, Coaches T Squash Scrimmage, Jeremiah shaking hands T Squash Scrimmage, Trayquan Play
T Squash Scrimmage Group Photo T Squash Scrimmage Our Group
T Squash Scrimmage, Jeremiah Bolden Playing T Squash Scrimmage Opponents List T Squash Scrimmage Diairra Returning Serve



Off the Hill’s High School Alien on Show Court

High School Alien Sitting on Court High School Alien Group Picture High Resolution High School Alien Kid Bracelet Lara
High School Alien Group Project High School Alien Setting up on Court High School Alien PreWorkshop



Denison Club Squash Team Coaches our Cohort

Denison Volunteers Angela 1 Denison Volunteers Jim and Ty II Denison Volunteers full Group Denison Volunteers Payton Angela 5
Denison Volunteers Angela Payton III Denison Volunteers Donovan and Mike II Denison Volunteers Jim Ty Denison Volunteers Grip Dudes
Denison Volunteers Ty Swinging Denison Volunteers Angela almost hit me Denison Volunteers Payton Angela II



Collection of Assorted Pictures III

Academics Secret Garden Reading Circle Bean Bags Squash Random Sprints Blur
Academics Reading Secret Garden Table Squash Sprints Set Up Academics Charades 1



Board Member Dhani Jones Speaks at Taft High School

Dhani Speaking at Taft II Dhani Speaking at Taft V Dhani Speaking at Taft III
Dhani Speaking at Taft 1 Dhani Speaking at Taft IV



Visited by an Admissions Director from Bates College

Bates Visitor Group II Bates Visitor Group 1



Playhouse in the Park’s The Secret Garden

Playhouse SG Group Work I Playhouse SG Group Outside Poster Playhouse SG Diarra Tylia Edie Document II
Playhouse SG Dresses Stairs Playhouse SG Duke Uriyah Adreinna Dancing Playhouse SG Preworkshop Work II
Playhouse SG Group Pre Play Playhouse SG Hands up III
Playhouse SG Schiff Group 1 Playhouse SG Parker Dancing III
Playhouse SG Movements 2 Playhouse SG Tickets Playhouse SG Group on Stairs
Playhouse SG Parker Dancing II Playhouse SG Preworkshop Work I Playhouse SG Hands up II



T Squash Academy Volunteers at CSA

T Volunteer Estafani & Berly T Volunteer Jumba Volunteer Academics T Volunteer Vir Laura Angela Jumba T Volunteer Alexis & Oliver
T Volunteer Ricky Duke Volunteer II T Volunteer Ricky & Volunteer Math T Volunteer Jumba & Laura II
T Volunteer Oliver & Zionae T Volunteer Classroom Table
T Volunteer Leo and TayShaun T Volunteer Ricky Duke Volunteer III T Volunteer Laura Angela T Volunteer Jumba, Angela, Laura, Vir



 Staff Visit Carew Tower

Carew Tower Staff Team



Cincinnati Magazine Photo Shoot Outtakes

CIncy Magazine 2 Cincy Magazine 3 Cincy Magazine 1
Cincy Magazine 4 Cincy Magazine Parker Cincy Magazine Schiff Cincy Magazine 6



Midwest Urban Nationals at Kenyon College

Kenyon Dinner Kenyon Group after Schiff Match Kenyon Leaving CSA Flag Group Picture
Kenyon Andreina's first official win! Kenyon Kaleyah and Steel City Friend Kenyon Ricky Award Kenyon Kiylah Vandy Bag Kenyon Ricky and Steel City Opponent
Kenyon Full Group Talk Kenyon Finding CSA Logo on Poster Kenyon Jumba with Family
Kenyon Students rooting for Vir Kenyon Sleepy Mike and Schiff Kenyon Vir and Group First Night Field
Kenyon Tray and Mike Coached by SquashDrive Kenyon Vir with Group Kenyon Peg Payton Combs Mother and Ms. Lara Kenyon Ricky Raheem Vir and Austin
Kenyon Outside Group Shot Kenyon Kiylah Superman Pose Kenyon Prepping to jump on court



Collection of Assorted Pictures II

Canvas CSA Logo Cropped Group Work Random Classroom Work
St. Joe Group Photo White Coach Pose Hays 4th 4 CSA Cup- Rachael and Amy



Our Summer Camp 2015

Includes: Reds Game, Children’s Museum, Betts House, CCC Scrimmage, Cincinnati Police Presentation

Police Presentation

Police Whole Group I Police Behind Full Group II
Police Captain Talking to Kids Police Pointing Part Group Police Three Cops and Kids Side Police 3 cops and Parker

Betts House

Betts House Olivia Brooming Betts House Jumba and Working Smoothing Betts House Group III
Betts House Michael Andreina Betts House Sign and Mike Betts House Smoothing Ricky and Mike

Reds Game Against the Phillies

Reds Game Vir Olivia Alexis Reds Game Ty Cevie Jumba Reds Group Picture Bleachers Reds Parker Beasted Reds Game Rosie and Team

Union Terminal’s Children’s Museum

Union Terminal Group Water I Union Terminal Puppet Show Union Terminal Alexis Lemonade Stand Union Terminal Ricky Metro

Summer Camp

Summer Academic Achievements Summer Squash Finals Winners III
Summer Late Night Summer Camp Recess 1 Summer Art Project Parker



Earth Day 2015

Earth Day Planting Groups Earth Day Pose St. Joe Earth Day Planting Pose



Outtakes from School Poster Photo Shoot

Poster Dhani Airborne Poster Dhani PreJump
Poster No Dhani 1 Poster Dhani Great



LumenoCity 2nd Annual Young Professionals Event

LumenoCity 15 Sponsor Posters LumenoCity 15 Murdocks Hillary Dale Party LumenoCity 15 Parker and Yolanda Front Door
LumenoCity 15 CSA Flag Schiff Masters LumenoCity 15 Busams Longabergers LumenoCity 15 Frey Schiff Schiff
LumenoCity 2015 Coney Island MH LumenoCity 15 Bleachers Crowd 1 LumenoCity 2015 Fountain Square MH
LumenoCity 15 Left Corner Party LumenoCity 15 Party Full
LumenoCity 15 Party Scene III LumenoCity 15 Young Group and Schiff LumenoCity 2015 Schiff and Johns



End of School Year 1 Party for Families & School Partners

EOY Jeremiah and Mother EOY Kaleb and Father EOY Schiff and Richardson EOY Monica and Big Sister
EOY Donovan Grandpa Whyte Michael White Grandma EOY CHCA and CSA Staff II



Volunteer Collection Part I

CSA Cup Ben F. Kids Fassler Coaching Students Volunteer Baarghav
Ben Fotsch Volunteer Ben and Toby Volunteer Sidarth

Year 1 Gold Status Ceremonies

Gold Status Rachael Diarra Funny Kiylah Gold Status Parents taking Pictures Gold Status Staff Speeches
Gold Status Vir Shaking Cevie's Hand Gold Status Whole Group Angle Gold Status Hardy Family
Gold Status Vir Speech full group Gold Status Team & Staff Group Photo Gold Status Lidya and Sis Certificate
Gold Status Ty and Mom Gold Status Sarem Vir & Rachael Award Gold Status Vir Jeremiah Schiff Gold Status Vir and Jumba




Cultural Field Trip to Contemporary Arts Center

CAC Students at Pile Sculpture CAC Duke Face Statue CAC Diarra Statue Mimic CAC Students Inspecting Hanging Sculpture
CAC James Franco CAC Students Portait Row
CAC Students Observing Art CAC Students Art Work



Scrimmage against T Squash Academy @ CSA

T Scrimmage Final Group II T Squash Scrimmage 3 Quarter Court
T Scrimmage 3 Quarter Court Players T Scrimmage Olivia and Opponent T Scrimmage CSA line up
T Squash Scrimmage Kip Vir Austin Laura T Squash Scrimmage Cevie vs. Donovan
T Squash Scrimmage Introductions T Scrimmage Final Group II




2015 CSA Cup Fundraising Event

CSA Cup Rachael Baarghav students CSA Cup Harrison's Team CSA Cup Schiff & Salkins
CSA Cup- PJ Team CSA Cup Lidya handing Trophy to Al CSA Cup- Madison and Mom
CSA Cup- Staff and Score Keepers The CSA Cups CSA Cup- Captains, Winning players, student-athletes



Cultural Field Trip to the Cincinnati Ballet

Ballet Big Ball Stance Ballet Lobby Ballet Cincinnati Ballet Group
Ballet Students Leaning Watching Practice Ballet Uriyah Stance Ballet Group Outside After



Peter Briggs Speaking to the Students

Briggs Speaking Briggs Speaking 2



First Silver Status Ceremonies

Silver Otto Team II Silver St. Joe Parents Above Silver Otto Family I
Silver Status HP w: Ms. Richardson Silly Silver Status HP Staff Silver Status SJ II Silver Status HP Ms. Richardson



Collection of Assorted Pictures Part I

Otto 1TO Parker Hands Kaleyah Practicing Crossing her Eyes Workouts
Teamwork Activity Austin Rachael Otto Presentation Squash December 20th Hit Around Team



Grand Opening of the Cincinnati Squash Academy

Grand Opening



Visit by Mayor Cranley

Schiff and Cranley Wide Arms Schiff and Cranley