Gallery III

Welcome to the third gallery! Check out all the photos that did and didn’t make the cut for our newsletters, website posts, and other marketing materials. Enjoy!



Tie Dye Shirts (Summer Camp 2016)

img_0610 img_0608 img_0600
tyedieangeled-hanging tyedie-shirts-on-line


Riki Tiki Tavi- Off the Hill’s Play at our Show Court

riki-tiki-girls riki-tiki-poster riki-tiki-group-2
riki-tiki-full-group-stage riki-tiki-stage-court riki-tiki-group-pre-play


Rumpke Landfill Tour

rumpke-group-on-bus-1 rumpke-landfill-2 rumpke-recycle-cans
rumpke-trash-trucks rumpke-group-on-bus-2 rumpke-landfill