Gallery II

Welcome to CSA’s Gallery II! We will upload many of the fun and wonderful pictures taken during specific events not featured in our major articles, web pages, newsletters, or supporter blasts. This is the second gallery page because we already filled up our first page with pictures! Check out all the fun CSA has both behind the scenes and during our varied trips, practices, and events! Click on any single photo to enlarge it on your page to get a closer look.



CSA NUSEA Squash Open Championship

OSC Blue Dots Team OSC Court 3 Squash 2 OSC Detroit vs. SCS OSC Edie Thanking Refs OSC Edie vs. SCS OSC Full Group Day 1 Vir Pointing
OSC Full Group Day 1 Vir Speaking OSC Iyanna and RU Classroom 1 OSC Green Dots Team OSC Group Picture 2 OSC Jeopardy Sassy parker OSC Iyanna and RU Reffing
OSC Jeopardy Smiley Parker OSC Jeopardy Spirderman Q OSC Jumba vs. SCS OSC Movie Night Audience Pic OSC Movie Night Finding Nemo OSC Parker with CSA Kids
OSC PJ Squash 2 OSC Red Dots Team OSC RU vs. CSC 2 OSC Scoresheets and Schedule Pages OSC Sleeping Quarters OSC RacquetUp
OSC Vir Shaking Tray's Hand OSC Squash in PJs OSC SteelCity Squash OSC Urban Squash Cleveland OSC Squash Play 1 Court 3 OSC VIr Presenting on Sunday to Group
OSC Vir Tray Interesting Picture OSC Vir with Blue Dot Winners OSC Yellow & Blue 7 Up OSC Winning Team 1 OSC Yellow Dots Team



Urban Team Nationals hosted at Harvard University in Boston

UTN Boston16 Andreina Backhand UTN Boston16 Andreina Serve College Banners UTN Boston16 Cevie Freedom Trail
UTN Boston16 CHCA Supporting their Team UTN Boston16 CitySquash vs. CSA UTN Boston16 Faneuil Hall Back
UTN Boston16 Faneuil Hall Front UTN Boston16 Franklin Grave UTN Boston16 Freedom Trail III II
UTN Boston16 FreeTrail Plaque UTN Boston16 Gold Important Looking Building Place UTN Boston16 Group City Hall
UTN Boston16 Group Team UTN Boston16 Illusion Stand UTN Boston16 Kings Chapel Burying Ground
UTN Boston16 Kiylah Harvard Glass Court UTN Boston16 Mike and Coach Schiff UTN Boston16 Mike Cornell Dartmouth
UTN Boston16 Mike Kaleyah Andreina Uniforms Bleachers UTN Boston16 Mike Serve Princeton Yale UTN Boston16 Mike White Academic Entry
UTN Boston16 Mike White Harvard Glass Court UTN Boston16 Playoffs Capitol vs. CSA UTN Boston16 Quincy Market Food
UTN Boston16 Quincy Market Front UTN Boston16 Schiff and White 2 UTN Boston16 Quincy Market Kiylah Kaleyah
UTN Boston16 State House UTN Boston16 White Harvard Glass Front UTN Boston16 ThreeQuarter Princeton Yale
UTN Boston16 Work on the Plane


CSA Cup 2016

CSA Cup 2016 Trophies Cup16 Beau and Girls Front Door Cup16 Beau Parker Dana Schiff CSA Kids Ground
Cup16 Cocktail Event Group 1 Cup16 Cocktail Event Group 2 Cup16 Beau vs Amy CROWD
Cup16 Cocktail Event Group 3 Cup16 Cocktail Event Group 4 Cup16 Crowd Dan vs. Tim
Cup16 Crowd Pic 3 Cup16 CSA Cup Champions Photo Cup16 Donor Poster
Cup16 Door Greeters Cup16 Doubles Champs Trophy Cup16 Doubles Crowd
Cup16 Doubles Finals Cup16 Doubles Full Group Cup16 Doubles Hayo vs. Not
Cup16 Draw Singles Poster Cup16 Exhibition Students Play Cup16 F.D. and Tim Singles
Cup16 Food Spread Cup16 Greeting David K. Cup16 Harrison vs. Kids
Cup16 HayoWentHa Team Cup16 Jeremiah and Mom 2 Cup16 Jeremiah and Mom
Cup16 Jeremiah vs. Bradley Cup16 Jeremiah vs. F.D. Cup16 Jim Austin vs. Amy
Cup16 Peter Briggs and Rachael Cup16 Laura F.D. singles Cup16 Knot in the Face Team Pic
Cup16 Photo of Photo of Doubles Champs Cup16 Rachael and Kids Selfie Cup16 Schiff and Exhibition Cocktail Event
Cup16 Singles Squash yay Cup16 Shuggie Laughing Cup16 Schiff Vir Talking Doubles
Cup16 Skirts Cheerleaders Cup16 Skirts Cocktail Event Cup16 Skirts Welcome Players
Cup16 Tew and Emanuel Cocktail Cup16 Three Quarter Court Cup16 Tim vs. Dan 2
Cup16 Tim vs. Dan P. 1 Cup16 Tom Racquet Server Cup16 Tricia attacking poor Schiff
Cup16 Trophies! Cup16 Trophy Presentation Above Cup16 Trophy Presentation Presenteres POV
Cup16 Vir Jake Geekie Gal Welcome PLAYERS Cup16 Welcome Players CSA Student volunteers Cup16 Wyants Door Greeters Emanuel OJ oors



T Squash Scrimmage on April 30th, 2016

T Scrim 4:30:16 Group Hand Shake White T Scrim 4:30:16 Group 1
T Scrim 4:30:16 Neal Austin and Players T Scrim 4:30:16 Tray and Players T Scrim 4:30:16 Andreina and Tew



Music Hall Tour

Music Hall View Park Music Hall Tour 1
Music Hall Piano Guy Music Hall Facade Music Hall Auditorium
Music Hall Group Outside Music Hall Group Listening


Riki Tiki Tavi, Presented by Playhouse in the Park’s Off the Hill Program, Performed on our Feature Squash Court

Riki Tiki Full Group Stage! Riki Tiki Group 2
Riki Tiki Arts Activity Riki Tiki Poster Riki Tiki Girls
Riki Tiki Group pre-play Riki Tiki Stage Court


Rumpke Land Fill Field Trip

Rumpke Recycle Cans Rumpke Group on Bus 1 Rumpke Landfill
Rumpke Trash Trucks Rumpke Group on Bus 2 Rumpke Landfill 2


Celebrating our Troops on Veteran’s Day with Presentations and Thank You Letters!

Veterans Day Boat Brooks Picture Veterans Day Group PIc 3 Veterans Day Yolanda 1
Veterans Day John Brooks 1 Veterans Day Ty and Diairra Writing Veterans Day Kids Checking out Model Boat
Veterans Day letter Flag Veterans Day Yolanda and Lidya Veterans Day Donald and Andreinna Veterans Day Mike and John
Veterans Day Lidya with Portrait Yolanda Veterans Day Classroom POV Veterans Day Cevie Madison and Ms. Parker

“Who’s Looking at You” at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincy Art Portrait with kids back head Cincy Art Group Tower 1 Cincy Art Ricky and Furniture
Cincy Art Rachael Estafani and Kaleyah on Swing Cincy Art Group Sculpture 2 Cincy Art Laying Statue Group Cincy Art Outfront Whole Group
Cincy Art girls in front of painting Cincy Art Guys Building 1 Cincy Art Tray'Quan on Swing


Halloween Community Service Neighborhood Clean Up

Neighborhood Clean Up Andreina and Kaleyah Neighborhood Clean Up Schiffs Team 1 Neighborhood Clean Up Stanley's Team 2
Neighborhood Clean Up Duke and Jeremiah Neighborhood Clean Up Stanley's Team Neighborhood Clean Up Group Around Grate
Neighborhood Clean Up Group 1 Neighborhood Clean Up Group Walking


Dia De Los Muertos Collage

Day of Dead Collage 2 Day of Dead Rachael Edited Collage



Student Athlete Ti’Asia Boner Donates Supplies to CSA

Ti'Asia Donation 1 Ti'Asia Donation 3 Ti'Asia Donation 2