CSA Cup 2015

The CSA Cup
Saturday, April 25th, 2015
Hosted at the Cincinnati Squash Academy

CSA Cup- Captains, Winning players, student-athletes

On Saturday, April 25th, CSA hosted our inaugural spring fundraising event, the CSA Cup. Four teams, led by captains Dhani Jones & Tricia Headley, Peggy & Gary Johns, George & Ron Joseph, and Harrison Mullin & Dan Good, competed in a month long fundraising effort followed by a day of squash, games, and fun. Each team, composed of Board Members, donors, supporters, and squash players, commited to raise at least $5,000 to support Cincinnati Squash Academy’s after school program. The event ran from 1:00pm-6:00pm at the Emanuel Community Center located in Over the Rhine. It consisted of Monkey Doubles for beginner players and CSA student-athletes as well as a round robin and elimination style draw for seasoned squash players.
CSA Cup- Staff and Score Keepers CSA Cup Harrison's Team CSA Cup Schiff & Salkins

Over 60 participants on the four teams competed in Monkey Doubles and squash singles, ate Eli’s BBQ, and bid on different items at the silent auction. Peggy and Gary Johns’ team, including Yazdi Bagli, Rohan Bagli, and Al Mundy, took home all three trophies: Monkey Doubles Cup, Squash Competition Cup, and Top Fundraisers Cup.

CSA Cup Lidya handing Trophy to Al The CSA Cups
Thank you to all donors, supporters, silent auction item donors (Tesla Motors, Cincinnati Opera, Cincinnati Symphony, goDutch, Heidelberg, Cincinnati Walks, and Vir Seth), and participants who competed in the CSA Cup. We couldn’t have done it without you all. A special thanks to our participating captains!

Dhani’s Team

Captain: Dhani Jones

Tricia Headley


Harrison’s Team

Captain: Harrison Mullin

Dan Good


Peggy’s Team

Captain: Peggy Johns

Gary Johns


George’s Team

Captain: George Joseph

Ron Joseph


 Money Raised: $8,060  Money Raised: $3,785  Money Raised: $8,970  Money Raised: $4,310