CSA Cup 2016

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April 22nd and April 23rd, 2016!

Scheduling Information are below the teams!

Counting Down to the CSA Cup


We raised over $286,000 for Cincinnati Squash Academy- check out our report here!


What is the CSA Cup?

The CSA Cup is the Cincinnati Squash Academy’s major spring fundraising event. It is a team-based fundraising competition that culminates in squash play. Each team is battling for supremacy on the courts and with donations to win the illustrious CSA Cup!

Teams will be led by a captain or set of captains who will recruit squash players, donors, and socialites to attend the different events. Each team will aim to raise $10,000 or more!


Support your Favorite Team and Help Them Win the Cup!

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To donate, simply click on the DONATE link aligned with your team and give directly to your team via their Razoo page.

Team Name: The Returning Champions!

Captain: Peggy Johns

Board Member: F.D. Wilder

Team Name: Harrison’s and Dan’s Team

Captain/Board Member: Harrison Mullin

C0-Captain/Board Member: Dan Good

Team Name: The Pros

Captain/Board Member: Dhani Jones

Captain/Board Member: Tricia Headley

The Pros Logo
Team Name: Hayo-Went-Ha Camps

Captain: Jim Austin

C0-Captain/Board Member: Tom Shepherd

Hayowentha Logo Bigger amin
Team Name: Knot in the Face

Captain: John Borchers, Jr.

Board Members: Kevin Dehner/Yash Patil

Roehr Agency Logo
Team Name: CSRA Team

Captain: Rob Goering

Co-Captain: Tom Klinedinst

Board Members: Don Mills/Chandrika Kasturi

 Team Name: Out of Towners

Captain/Board Member: Randy Cooper

Cincinnati Skyline Graphic
 Team Name: The Skirts

Captain/Board Chair: Peg Wyant

Co-Captain: Sally Leyman

TheSkirtsOJ Logo

Want to mail in your donation?

In the memo line, include CSA Cup and the Team Name/Captain Name/Board Member name so we can assign the donation to the correct team and mail to:

Cincinnati Squash Academy

Attn: Austin Schiff

1308 Race Street

Cincinnati, OH. 45202.

Schedule for the Event!

  • April 22nd: Doubles Competition hosted at Cincinnati Country Club.
    • 5:00-6:30pm- Doubles Round Robin 1
    • 6:30-8:00pm- Doubles Round Robin 2
    • 8:00-8:30pm- Finals Doubles Match
  • April 23rd: Singles Squash Tournament and Cocktail Party.
    • 12:30pm: Singles Squash Competition Warm Up and Check In
    • 1:00pm: Beginning Matches for Draw
    • 3:45pm: Finals Consolation Matches
    • 4:45pm: Finals Match for Singles Cup Trophy!
    • 5:30-5:45pm: Game 1 of Exhibition Match between Nathan Dugan and Jon Geekie
    • 5:45-5:55pm: Trophy Ceremony
    • 5:55-6:15pm: Game 2 and 3 of Exhibition Match
    • 6:15pm: Evening Cocktail Party hosted at Cincinnati Squash Academy

What events will occur during the CSA Cup?

Squash Competition

When the play scheduled is finalized, it will be published here!

The squash players will compete in a few different squash-oriented events:

  • Hardball Doubles on Friday Evening
  • Monkey Doubles- an introductory squash game with shorter racquets and a bouncier ball for those new to the sport
  • Softball Singles Round-Robin- a time based squash singles match.


Cocktail Party

The social members of each team will attend a short cocktail party hosted at the Cincinnati Squash Academy on Saturday, April, 23rd. The cocktail party will include:

  • Drinks and light bites
  • Speeches from the program staff and enrolled student-athletes
  • Trophy presentation ceremony
  • Exhibition squash matches on the courts

The event will end around 7:00pm so people can go to dinner at any of the numerous eateries and restaurants located in Over the Rhine.