CSA Cup 2018

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May 11th and 12th, 2018

Counting down to the Cup!


What is the CSA Cup?

The CSA Cup is the Cincinnati Squash Academy’s annual team-based squash and fundraising competition. Under the leadership of their captains, each team recruits squash players, romances donors, and raises money to win the illustrious CSA Cup! The Cup brings in nearly 65% of the CSA’s operating budget. See why you should choose a team and donate to this amazing program!

This year features Friday night doubles, Saturday singles (Presented by Western & Southern) and Saturday evening cocktails. Click Here to RSVP for the Cocktail Party!

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Harrison and Dan’s Team

Winners of last year’s Doubles Cup but upstaged by the ladies where it counts, Harrison Mullin and Dan Good are back to win the big prize. Don’t let their lack of brand savvy fool you; these guys are fighters and this year’s favorites to win it all.
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Captain/Board Member: Harrison Mullin

Captain/Board Member: Dan Good

Amount Raised: $40,926


 The Volunteers

Can the expansion team of unprotected veterans Jody Brant & Yazdi Bagli, bolstered by acclaimed rookie Stephanie Downs and super-volunteer Rob Coith, shock the world and hold the Cup high? Since the founding of the Cup no expansion team ever has. Perhaps that changes this year. The world awaits.

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Captain/Board Member: Jody Brant

Captain: Yazdi Baglı

Captain: Stephanie Downs

Captain: Rob Coith

Amount Raised: $9,334


Team Hayo-Went-Ha

Winners of 2017’s Most Improved, Jim Austin, Tom Shepherd, and Johnmark Oudersluys return to “Extend the Trend for the kids.” Via generous scholarships financed by you, the CSA sends our scholars to Hayo-Went-Ha and other amazing summer camps where much of what they do they have never done before. While these guys are talented and competitive, they won’t be successful without your support. Won’t you please help? It’s for the children.


Hayowentha Logo Bigger amin

Captain/Board Member: Tom Shepherd

Captain: Jim Austin

Board Member: Johnmark Oudersluys

Amount Raised: $30,252


The Future

Tired of playing fetch for the old folks, the Futures Board has formed a team of their own. Led by Morgan Busam and Ben Fotsch, The Future is poised to prove they belong, and capture the Cup for millennials everywhere. Can energy and passion overcome youth and inexperience? Not if the old folks have anything to say about it.



Captain: Morgan Busam

Captain: Ben Fotsch

Amount Raised: $21,895


 The In-Towners

In an expensive bid to win 2018’s Most Improved, if not the Cup itself, Randy Cooper and FD Wilder swung for the fences this off-season with the acquisition of all-star free agent Kevin Dehner and celebrated rookie Eric Kearney. Will such an aggressive move lead to the victory they so covet… or to discord in the clubhouse? Las Vegas has it at even money.




Captain/Board Member: Kevin Dehner

Captain: Randy Cooper

Board Member: FD Wilder

Board Member: Eric Kearney

Amount Raised: $4,450

The Skirts

Led by Peg Wyant and Tricia Headley, and with the addition of heavily pursued new-comers Cammie Montgomery and Kate Nelson, The Skirts return as an all-female powerhouse with several Cup victories under their tastefully adorned belts. With such a history of success we know The Skirts will not be ruffled. Yet to be seen, however, is whether they will maintain their dominance in 2018 … or be hemmed at the knees.



Captain/Board Member: Peg Want

Captain/Board Member: Tricia Headley

Board Member: Cammie Montgomery

Board Member: Kate Nelson

Amount Raised: $33,575


CSA Cup Schedule

Doubles Tournament: Friday, May 11th. 5:00pm-9:00pm.

Singles Tournament: Saturday, May 12th. 12:00pm-5:00pm. Presented by Western & Southern Financial Fund.

Cocktail Event/Awards Ceremony/Exhibition Match: Saturday, May 12th. 5:30pm-7:00pm.

Click Here to RSVP to the Cocktail Party!

Want to mail in your donation?

In the memo line, include CSA Cup and the Team Name/Captain Name/Board Member name so we can assign the donation to the correct team and mail to:

Cincinnati Squash Academy

Attn: Tom Shepherd

1308 Race Street

Cincinnati, OH. 45202

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Professionally fantastic photographer Cindy Holcomb will be capturing photos of the event. Photos will be available for viewing and purchase here: https://artofid.smugmug.com/CLIENTS/Squash/CSA-Cup-2018/

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Rhinegeist will providing the beer for the Singles Tournament and Cocktail Event!

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