Completion of our Third Year of Programming

Year three was an amazing experience for the CSA. Each year brings its own exciting challenges and successes. The 2016-2017 academic year was proof that the best is yet to come. From being presented the Non-Profit of the Year Award by the OTR Chamber, to being featured on Local 12 News and in Cincinnati People, the hard work and dedication of our wonderful scholar-athletes, staff, board members, and donors did not go unnoticed. May we continue to soar to new heights in year four!

Statistics, benchmarks, and metrics covering the 2016-2017 programmatic year:
  • 33 student-athletes who averaged an 80% attendance record.
  • Retained 92% of our cohort.
  • Completed 12 hours of community service.
  • Offered 481 hours of programming in our third year
  • Enrolled our students in 9 summer camp opportunities, receiving over $28,000+ in scholarships.
  • Raised $319, 615 in our CSA Cup 2017 event.
  • CSA won “Nonprofit of the Year”and was featured on Local 12 and Cincinnati People (links below)!

Squash metrics, anecdotes, and achievements from 2016-2017:
  • Competed in 16 tournaments and competitions, local and domestic.
  • Played a total of 319 matches.
  • 5 of our best squashers entered Silver Tournaments.
  • Flew 5 student-athletes to both of NUSEA’s tournaments hosted at University of Pennsylvania & Williams & Amherst.
  • Received coaching from professional women’s squash players Sadia Gul and Holly Naughton.
  • Hosted over 70 kids in Cincinnati for our NUSEA Open Invitational, where our boys team won U13 division.

Academic achievements, metrics, and anecdotes from 2016-2017:
  • Diairra Daniels, Lidya Tesafye, and Edie Tesafye have received full scholarships to attend 7 Hills School.
  • Traveled on 22 cultural exposure trips, including Renaissance Fair, Observatory, and Children’s Theatre.
  • Engaged in custom curriculums surrounding Africa and its historical culture, astronomy and space, literature and writing unit, and Holidays around the Globe.
  • Completed 3 novel and/or film studies- Crossover, Hidden Figures (film), and And a Long Walk to Water.
  • They BUILT A SOLAR SYSTEM! (Seriously…)
CSA Featured in the Media!
Playing Out of Poverty

CSA Local 12 News Coverage

Austin Schiff & the Cincinnati Squash Academy in OTR

Feature Story by Cincinnati People

We are so proud of all the achievement our kids have accomplished in our third year of programming. We expect to see only more in the future!