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Cincinnati Squash Academy (CSA) is the city’s only non-profit organization that uses the disciplined game of squash to help transform talented students in under-served communities into scholar-athletes, productive citizens and future leaders with character.


Urban Squash & SEA

Urban squash is a proven youth development model, successfully operating in 17 U.S. markets and 1 international market, that combines the sport of squash with academics, mentoring, fitness, nutrition, community service,cultural enrichment and college placement for students from low-income families. Its intensive, year-round programming takes places after school, on the weekends, and in the summer and engages students from the time they join in elementary or middle school until they graduate from college. Following an ‘inch wide, mile deep’ approach to youth development, urban squash and education programs frequently transform the lives of their participant.



Why Squash?

A fun and healthy sport with links to educational opportunities

Squash is an indoor racquet sport played by an estimated 20 million people in 188 countries. Squash is uniquely effective as an out-of-school activity or ‘hook’. Described by Forbes as the world’s ‘healthiest sport,’ squash is a physically and intellectually demanding game that places a high value on sportsmanship. Because it is primarily played at universities, prep schools, and private clubs, the sport can open doors of opportunity to those who play it. Cincinnati Squash Academy will help our students walk through those doors.

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CSA is located in the Emanuel Community Center (ECC), 1308 Race Street in Over the Rhine (OTR), and operates under the Emanuel Community Center umbrella which has served the OTR neighborhood for 143 years.




A Complex of Our Own

Cincinnati will be the first city in the country that will launch with its own facilities. Construction began August 2013 and was  completed by June 2014. With the support of the National Urban Squash and Education Association (NUSEA), we have raised funds to build locker rooms in the garden level, to refurbish classrooms, and to convert the 2nd floor basketball court into a 3-court squash facility. The complex will have approximately 9,300 square feet. Construction was completed June 2014.

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CIncy Magazine 2 CSA currently employs three staff members:

  • Executive Director
  • Academic Director
  • Squash Director
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Now that you have a basic understanding of Cincinnati Squash Academy’s and Urban Squash’s history, why not check out what we are specifically doing each day at the “Our Program” page!